Guardi Glucan Autoart足球隊正式成立

生命在於運動,香港Autoart足球俱樂部于2016年聖誕節當日正式與衛康樂簽約,組建一支以“運動身心,增強免 […]

生命在於運動,香港Autoart足球俱樂部于2016年聖誕節當日正式與衛康樂簽約,組建一支以“運動身心,增強免疫,陽光生活”為理念的Guardi Glucan Autoart足球隊,專注為健康代言,為活力新生活代言!

Life lies in exercise, the Hong Kong Autoart football club officially signed a contract with Guardi on Christmas 2016, and formed the Guardi Glucan Autoart football team      with the belief of “Health recuperation, Exercising the body and mind, and creating a Sunny Life”, focusing on endorsing health, and endorsing an energetic new life!


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